Send Money to India via your Citibank NRI Account!

The Citibank NRI Account is an interest bearing savings bank account for NRIs, held in India in Rupees. It is a power packed account that not only caters to the banking needs but also offers a host of privileges, benefits and services. NRI Banking has never been so easy.

  • More Rupees per Dollar      

    • 4% interest on daily balances in your account
    • Send money to India at great exchange rates
  • Faster. Smoother. Safer.      

    • Highly secure banking system that enables faster money transfers to your loved ones in India
    • Transfer funds from your Citibank NRI Account to any local bank account# in India using NEFT online facility
    • # All participating NEFT branches
  • Convenience for your Family      

    • Additional ATM/ Debit Card and Check book for your family back home to access the funds
    • Now you can reach your family wherever they may be - Demand Drafts delivered to over 700 cities across India
    • Standing Instruction Facility - issue demand drafts from your account at regular intervals to a pre-registered recipient, for example: Loan Installments, Insurance Premium, etc.
    • Pay electricity, telephone and other utility bills online using your Citibank NRI Account - for over 80 utilities and institutions in India
  • MasterCard Platinum ATM / Debit Card Privileges      

    Enjoy exclusive lifestyle, travel and dining privileges with the MasterCard Platinum Card – an ATM / Debit Card issued at no additional charges on your Citibank NRI Account.

    • Special discounts on room rates, and food and beverage bills at hotels and resorts across the world
    • Hertz Car Rental Privileges - 10% off Hertz Affordable Rates (leisure retail rates) at participating locations worldwide
      MasterCard Platinum ATM / Debit Card holders enjoy additional privileges: First year fee waived on Hertz #1 Club Gold membership (worth US $60/year)
    • Special Access to exclusive airport lounges
    • Irresistible discounts and offers on travel and holiday packages

    To view the full range of attractive lifestyle privileges, please click on the link below.

    MasterCard Platinum ATM / Debit Card Offers

    Offer terms & conditions apply

  • Priority Service and Additional Benefits      

    • Exclusive MasterCard Platinum ATM / Debit Card privileges
    • Exclusive privileges on Gifting, Travel and Entertainment through 24x7 Concierge Services in India
    • Quicker query resolution via 24x7 Priority Service Queue
    • Waiver of charges on duplicate statement and check collection
  • NRE Account

    NRO Account

  • Can be credited with foreign currency earnings from overseas

    Can be credited with foreign currency earnings from overseas and INR earnings in India

  • Account maintained in Indian Rupees

    Account maintained in Indian Rupees

  • Withdrawals in Indian Rupees and Foreign Currency

    Withdrawals in Indian Rupees only

  • 4% p.a Interest Rate

    4% p.a Interest Rate

  • Exempt from tax in India

    30% tax deducted at source on interest earned

  • Principal: Freely repatriable
    Interest earned: Freely repatriable

    Principal: Not repatriable
    Interest earned: Repatriable after tax deduction. Repatriation of up to $ 1 million per financial year, as per RBI provisions

  • Joint A/C holder has to be an NRI

    Joint A/C holder may be a Resident Indian or an NRI

  • Family member resident in India can be authorized to operate the account. ATM card for both NRI and Mandate holder.

    Family member resident in India can be authorized to operate the account. ATM card for both NRI and Mandate holder

  • Allows NRIs easy flexibility of transferring funds from overseas into India and then transferring them back from India to abroad with ease

    Allows an NRI to manage income earned in India (local income like Rent, Property Sale, Inheritance, etc.)

  • Who can open a Citibank NRI Account?

    Non-resident Indians and Indians travelling abroad on work with a valid passport and a valid H1/L1/J1/H1-B visa are eligible to open a Citibank NRI Account.

    Documents required:

    1) Filled out Application form (Online OR PDF version)

    2) Copy of Passport with pages containing photograph, personal details and valid Visa/ Work Permit

    3) Residential Address Proof - Any ONE of:

       a) Local Driver's License

       b) National Identity Card

       c) Utility Bill (Previous Billing Cycle)

  • What is the minimum initial credit?

    A Citibank NRI Account can be opened with an initial credit of USD 5,000.

  • How does the money I deposit in my account make its way to India?

    When you deposit money in your Citibank NRI Account, the funds are converted from US dollars to Indian Rupees at attractive foreign exchange rates provided by Citibank especially for you.

  • How does my family in India get access to money in the account?

    It's simple. Your mandate (the person you authorize to operate the account) in India will be provided with an ATM/debit card and check book with which they can withdraw money from the account anytime, anywhere.

  • How do I keep track of the transactions on my account?

    You have a number of options to choose from. You can log on to Citibank's highly secure, award winning website to log in to your account and check the transactions. You can also opt for SMS and email alerts to notify you of any transactions carried out.

  • Will I be charged if I withdraw money in India?

    No. Since the account is held in India in Rupees, your mandate can operate it like a normal account - withdraw money, shop or pay utility bills.

  • Will I earn interest on the funds retained in my account?

    Yes, you will earn an interest of 4.0% per annum on your funds in the Savings Account. Interest is payable only on Savings Account and not on Current Account.

  • Is the interest I earn taxable?

    Interest earned on the NRE account is non-taxable in India. However the interest income may be taxable in your country of residence.

    Interest earned on the NRO account is taxable as per Indian taxation laws.

  • How secure is my money and personal information?

    Citibank is committed to providing you with a safe and secure banking experience. We utilize the latest security measures to safeguard your money and your data. These include:

    Secured login that uses the highest level of encryption- 128-bit, to scramble your information and deter unauthorized access.

    Automatic time out in case there is no activity for 5 minutes

    Automatic lock out if the wrong PIN/ Password is entered six times to block any attempt at fraud.

    Our security measures are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure maximum security.

    For more information, please visit Online Security.

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