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How To Secure Your Child's Future

It is important to understand which future skills will be needed in a world in which technology is changing at such a fast pace. Acquiring relevant skills for these changes is critical not only for current students but also for working professionals as digitization is impacting the workforce.


BlackRock: Setting Your Child Up for a Successful Overseas Education

Get your child (and your bank account) ready for an overseas education.

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The Value of Education: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Costs?

There has been a growing debate in recent years around the benefits of education given the dramatic rise in tuition fees. Do the benefits of education outweigh the costs?

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The Future of Jobs: How will it Change Education?

How will education evolve as jobs change in the future and how do you ensure that your child takes advantage of the opportunities ahead?

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Which skills will be most prized?

Professor Straughan from the Singapore Management University and technologist Ayesha Khanna share their thoughts on which skills would be most prized in the future.

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The human cumulus: Artificial Intelligence will Create New Kinds of Work.

Humans will supply digital services to complement AI.

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Why You Should Never Stop Learning


Wharton: Want a Job in the Future? Be a Student for Life

New digital technologies are expected to take away many jobs. They will also create several new ones.

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Lifelong Learning

What does it mean to be a lifelong student and can online learning replace physical institutions?

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The Half-Life of Knowledge

How long will your skills stay relevant and what you can do about it

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Learning and earning: Lifelong learning is becoming an economic imperative

Technological change demands stronger and more continuous connections between education and employment, says Andrew Palmer. The faint outlines of such a system are now emerging.

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How Classrooms Are Getting Smarter

Research suggests that students remember 20% of the information they hear but retain 90% of the information they receive through activity. As such, experiential learning through video games as well as virtual and augmented reality looks set to become the learning tools for the next generation.


Wharton: The Real Threat to Business Schools from Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) will change the way we learn and work in the near future.

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A Welcome Disruption?

Traditional instructor-led classroom trainings may get increasingly superseded by online or digital learning solutions.

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Let the Games Begin

Applying video game rules to learning leverages on people's natural desires for mastery and competition.

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Bridging the Gap between Virtual and Reality

Virtual and augmented reality have the potential to deliver immersive content to students.

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Education technology: Together, technology and teachers can revamp schools

How the science of learning can get the best out of edtech.

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