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Price Volatility

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Weekly Market Analysis: Bear Today, Bull Tomorrow

By Citi Wealth Insights |
Though US markets have bounced upwards in what appears to be the third bear market rally this year, the extent of the coming recession remains uncertain.
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Wealth Insights | Equities | Asset Allocation

Weekly Market Analysis: Too Soon to Pivot to Tech

By Citi Wealth Insights |
After this third-quarter US reporting season, it’s clear that tech won’t be immune to economic weakness like it was during the 2020 COVID recession. This does nothing to dissuade CIO from a bullish view on key tech developments for the longer term.
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Equities | Asset Allocation

Why Dividend Equities Matter

By Citi Wealth Insights |
Earning income in portfolios is especially challenging in the current market environment. While interest rates may rise from current levels, Citi analysts do not expect them to do so by much. As inflation runs higher, real yields on cash and fixed income remain low. We explore Why Dividend Equities Matter in this environment.
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Wealth Insights | Economy | Asset Allocation

Weekly Market Analysis: Driving While Looking in the Rear-View Mirror

By Citi Wealth Insights |
The Fed wants to see the effects of its tightening apparent in employment, but October’s 261,000 job gain – the slowest since December 2020 – is still too fast for the Fed’s liking. The full impact of policy tightening has yet to meaningfully hit the labor market.
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CIO Perspectives

CIO Perspectives | Asset Allocation

CIO Perspectives - 7 November 2022

By Citi Wealth Insights |
Ken takes a look at how markets have performed in past recessions, what the Fed is signaling, and how a resilient portfolio can help you ride through the storm.
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Weekly Market Analysis: Bullish or Bearish?

By Citi Wealth Insights |
For investors who might want to take greater overall risk on this year’s market decline, CIO believes it makes sense to understand when a recession might begin and watch to assess its depth and duration.
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