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How to Plan for a Successful Retirement

It is important to understand which future skills will be needed in a world in which technology is changing at such a fast pace. Acquiring relevant skills for these changes is critical not only for current students but also for working professionals as digitization is impacting the workforce.


Retirement: Achieving A Fulfilling Journey and Managing Multiple Goals

Citibank brings you insights from a recent webinar for clients, on how to achieve a fulfilling retirement and manage multiple goals.

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Retirement: How to Plan for a Rewarding Future

Studies suggest that those who are happiest in retirement are those who stay engaged, productive and give back to society. Find out how you can plan for a rewarding retirement.

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The Economist: Your Money and Your Life – Financing Longevity

As lives get longer, financial models will have to change

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How Much Money Will You Need for Retirement? More than You Think

What you don't know can't hurt you, according to the old saying. When it comes to retirement planning, though, the old saying doesn't apply.

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The Future of Retirement


BlackRock: What Women Really Think about Retirement

Women want more teach, less tell when it comes to retirement planning.

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Bartleby: People are Working Longer for Reasons of Choice and Necessity

The long and winding career. Across the developed world, the workforce now comes in fifty shades of grey.

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Tablets for Every Problem. New Technology for Old Age

The latest technology is even more beneficial for the old than for the young

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Citi Wharton Institute: A Second Chance to Create the Life You Want?

You're excited about retirement, right? You've worked hard for, what, four or five decades now?

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Dawn of the pre-tiree: What to Call the Time of Life between Work and Old Age?

What do you call someone who is over 65 but not yet elderly? This stage of life, between work and decrepitude, lacks a name. "Geriactives" errs too much on the side of senescence.

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Managing Your Retirement

Research suggests that students remember 20% of the information they hear but retain 90% of the information they receive through activity. As such, experiential learning through video games as well as virtual and augmented reality looks set to become the learning tools for the next generation.


How to Manage Your Wealth During Retirement

Without a regular paycheck, retirees need to have a process in place for managing their wealth and spending during retirement.

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5 Secrets to a Successful Retirement

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Why Managing Volatility is Even More Critical for Retirees

When saving and investing over long periods of time, the sequence of returns makes no difference—ending wealth reflects the long-term average of lifetime returns.

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