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Price Volatility

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Weekly Market Analysis: Bear Today, Bull Tomorrow

By Citi Wealth Insights |
Though US markets have bounced upwards in what appears to be the third bear market rally this year, the extent of the coming recession remains uncertain.
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Weekly Market Analysis: Too Soon to Pivot to Tech

By Citi Wealth Insights |
After this third-quarter US reporting season, it’s clear that tech won’t be immune to economic weakness like it was during the 2020 COVID recession. This does nothing to dissuade CIO from a bullish view on key tech developments for the longer term.
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Global Connectivity

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What Moves Exchange Rates?

By Citi Investment Lab |
Most investors face multiple sources of currency exposure in both their investment and non-investment holdings. We explore the drivers and impacts of exchange rate movements.
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caution road car

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Weekly Market Analysis: Driving While Looking in the Rear-View Mirror

By Citi Wealth Insights |
The Fed wants to see the effects of its tightening apparent in employment, but October’s 261,000 job gain – the slowest since December 2020 – is still too fast for the Fed’s liking. The full impact of policy tightening has yet to meaningfully hit the labor market.
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Q4 Investment Themes Video: Time for Patience, Not Complacency

By Citi Global Wealth Insights |
Watch: Q4 Investment Themes Video
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Weekly Market Analysis: Bullish or Bearish?

By Citi Wealth Insights |
For investors who might want to take greater overall risk on this year’s market decline, CIO believes it makes sense to understand when a recession might begin and watch to assess its depth and duration.
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