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Mid-Year Outlook: Investing in the Future of Energy

By By Citi Wealth Insights |
Climate change, energy security and geopolitics converged in 2022 to create a storm for investors. 2023 brings about a different set of challenges - and opportunities.
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Sustainable Investing

Citi Global Wealth’s approach to Sustainable Investing

By Citi Global Wealth Investments |
The positive societal change that our global citizen clients seek to drive takes many forms. These include contributing to action against climate change, enabling the adoption of clean energy, and using natural resources more responsibly. We understand that sustainability means different things to different people. At Citi Global Wealth, we call our approach to sustainability “Investing with Purpose.”
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Sustainable Investing

Harnessing Tailwinds from Global Climate Policies

By Harlin Singh |
In the wake of supply chain debacles and surprise military conflicts that have brought major economies to their knees, countries around the globe are re-embracing long disfavored industrial policy. Whether it is onshoring the production of computer chips, working to become energy independent of Russia, or the current generation of climate change fighting policies, western governments are picking winners and losers in business rather than relying on the wisdom of the invisible hand.
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Sustainable Investing

Water Scarcity: One of the Greatest Challenges of Our Time

By Citi Global Wealth Insights |
Fresh water, or the lack of it, is changing the way we live and where we live. But where there is lack, there is opportunity...and the opportunity to solve one of mankind's most pressing problems.
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Sustainable Investing

Sustainable Investing Forum 2022

By Citi Wealth Insights |
Citi Global Wealth Insights Sustainable Investing Forum 2022, our flagship conference for the year that gathered some of the most important investing changemakers from around the world. Join us to hear what they have to say on sustainable investing, an issue for our time that will impact Asia, and the world, for generations.
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Sustainable Investing

Sustainable Investors Show Their Power in Recent Proxy Votes

By Citi Global Wealth Investments |
As shareholders become increasingly engaged in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, they are using proxy votes to hold companies to account.
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